An advanced security & surveillance system will give you and your family the peace of mind your need through our state of the art systems designed around your needs, not a standard out of the box industry type. Monitor your home, who is coming and going, and assure all is protected when you are not around. Additional real time recording with high definition camera systems can record and document all activity throughout the property such as perimeter viewing, gates and entrances, specific needs including night vision pan tilt and zoom features. These can be viewed on a TV, smart phone or your tablet.

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Imagine a whole house audio/video system that removes electronics out of the rooms of your home and relocates them to a centralized control center. These AV components can then be distributed throughout the house and reduce the overall number of components you need to own. Recorded television shows can be accessed and music selections can be heard,  anywhere you wish. Flush mounted in-wall or in-ceiling speakers are available in multiple shapes and colors, hide them behind fabrics and tapestries, you can even opt for completely invisible speakers!


Our clients frequently desire the same level of quality, in their places of work.  In these situations, we provide automation solutions in board rooms, offices, restaurants and other venues. Automated control of lighting, video or audio distribution, network solutions, digital signage, board room connections or something special, Infinite Audio & Video will work with you, your architect and designers to achieve a solution. You need to ensure that you are making a wise investment that can grow as technology expands, all while performing efficiently and as reliable as possible. The liability of failure can not be an option.


Infinite Audio & Video recognizes that the system requirements in your residence can be extremely demanding and must be met with a robust and reliable network backbone. Today's specifications typically require a managed, enterprise-grade high-speed data network to ensure the highest levels of network speed, reliability, and security. A well engineered network of wireless access points that provide an umbrella of high-speed wireless data access so you can roam with your laptop, tablet, or Smartphone and always enjoy seamless WiFi coverage.


A home automation system from Infinite Audio & Video is a convenient and intuitive way to send commands to every home system: lighting, security, entrance controls, monitor energy, distributed audio and video systems, climate control, motorized shade/drapery systems, surveillance systems, your pool and spa…the possibilities are limitless. Control can come from your Smartphone, tablet or panels located in the home. Imagine putting your house "to sleep" or "awake" or into party mode. These modes are just a few of the solutions available to enhance your lifestyle.


Infinite Audio & Video strive to keep the environment in mind, offering Energy Star approved components, and considerations. Home automation systems not only make daily tasks easier, but they also can be great energy savers. Green technology allows you to conserve heat, energy and monitor your homes consumption without compromising your lifestyle.


Whether you are looking for a 7.2 system, a new Dolby Atmos system or even the latest AURO 3D system, we can work with you to meet all of your expectations. A family movie night, a championship game or perhaps a special event, we can design, engineer and build the experience that rivals your local Cineplex theater. You get to make a choice to build them into the walls and to the structures or perhaps order them in the special color or material that compliments the room.

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